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UNFORTUNATELY, Sunrise does NOT work for most people! But, better to buy just ONE book than ALL the books, right?
Also, the last 3 books (Sign of the Moon, The Forgotten Warrior, and The Last Hope) ARE NOW INCLUDED IN THE DOWNLOAD! WOO!
Enjoy everyone!!!!

A download of all download books that have been released.



Kindle For PC (Amazon Account Needed):

Kindle for PC is for the .azw files, which can only be read with a Kindle. If you don't have a Kindle, I suggest you get this.


Order of Books in Chronological Order:

1. Dawn of the Clans, The Sun Trail (Not Released Yet)
2. Dawn of the Clans, Thunder Rising (Not Released Yet)
3. Super Edition, Bluestar's Prophecy
4. Super Edition, Crookedstar's Promise
5. Super Edition, Yellowfang's Secret (Not Included)
6. Warriors, Into The Wild
7. Warriors, Fire And Ice
8. Warriors, Forest Of Secrets
9. Warriors, Rising Storm
10. Warriors, A Dangerous Path
11. Warriors, The Darkest Hour
12. Super Edition, Firestar's Quest
13. Super Edition, Skyclan's Destiny
14. The New Prophecy, Midnight
15. The New Prophecy, Moonrise
16. The New Prophecy, Dawn
17. The New Prophecy, Starlight
18. The New Prophecy, Twilight
19. The New Prophecy, Sunset
20. Power Of Three, The Sight
21. Power Of Three, Dark River
22. Power Of Three, Outcast
23. Power Of Three, Eclipse
24. Power Of Three, Long Shadows
25. Power Of Three, Sunrise
26. Omen Of The Stars, The Fourth Apprentice
27. Omen Of The Stars, Fading Echoes
28. Omen Of The Stars, Night Whispers
29. Omen Of The Stars, Sign Of The Moon
30. Omen Of The Stars, The Forgotten Warrior (Not Included)
31. Omen Of The Stars, The Last Hope (Not Included)


  1. Thank you thank you thank you thank you so muuuuuuuuuuch!!!!!! Ive always wanted all the books and the only one i have is the newest one bramblestar’s storm!

  2. Thanks, very much! I’ve been trying to get a hold on these books for so long! All it takes is one book to be a huge fan of Warriors! ^-^

  3. Can someone reply with the link? I can’t open the description for some reason (probably because this laptop needs fixing and is pretty old)


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