How to give liquid medication to a cat

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How to give liquid meds to a cat is one of my most frequently asked questions. You can also look at my "How to give a cat a pill" video (featuring Mr. Pirate) here:

I do a bit of a preamble so if you want to just look at the technique, it starts around 7:20.

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  1. Joined your Patreon page. You’re videos are incredibly helpful. Thank you for producing such great and socially beneficial content!

  2. Dr Uri, your professional dedication to cats is remarkable. The profound joy they bring us should be reciprocated. I am also a physician (pathologist) in Boston and appreciate advice from someone who is medically trained and uses evidence based knowledge to help us understand, love and care for our best friends. In solidarity.

    1. Thank you! I only wish more clients knew what “evidence based knowledge” meant! If you allow me to reciprocate: I think pathologists most under-appreciated medical specialty. You guys have such a tough job, tough board exams, and important role to play in patient care.

    2. @Helpful Vancouver Vet Back in the day I worked as a student (students need money..) couple of hours a week for pathologists at an university and they are under-rated especially their ability to party is commonly unknown.

    3. Hello doctor, first I would like to say I’m a cat lover / cat mommy and I appreciate all your videos. However isn’t the meaning of evidence-based knowledge just that, knowledge that is based on evidence?

  3. Hi Uri! I’ve recently found your channel and I’ve binge watched all your videos as they’re so great and informative 🙂 I would love you to do a video about end of life care and the choices we have when faced with the reality of losing our pets. It would be great to hear this from a vet’s point of view and perhaps you can talk through the options we have and how you come to the decision to to put an animal down. I know it’s not the happiest of topics but it’s so important for us to do the right thing to ensure we give our pets the good death they deserve – one that is as painless and as stress-free as possible. I think more resources are needed to help pet owners during a time of such sadness. It would also be interesting to know how you deal with that choice when it comes to your own pets? Thank you! 🙂

    1. Steph Pans
      Such a good suggestion Steph.

      I’m going through that now for the 3rd time in the last 20 years (catwise that is).

      My current kitty is 15 yrs old but last summer suddenly began to age fast, very thin….will only eat half normal amounts…otw she brings it up more often than should be normal.

      For me, so far, as long as I see her enjoying and sorting out her various kitty routines (even though interspersed with occasional down times, and increasingly reduced in territory and activity) …if she’s pleased to come up for brushings and sit on my hip while i watch tv …and responds to the goods and bads and curiosities of random(and consistent ) everyday occurrences..then im okay with the attention and work of keeping her happy and stress free here at home. (She’s done pretty well this year so far, though wasting away getting thinner and thinner)

      My last three i did not euthanize, but treated as hospice care, and i was fortunate that they went with me there, still providing familiar comforts.
      Each one a God given kitty.

      I’m always concerned about ..(albeit brief and minimalized as best as possible)…about the moments of confusing stress at being taken away from the comforts and familiarity of home.

      (I’m not sure?..but i think there might be vets out there able to provide at home euthanasia for that time)

    2. Thank-you so much Steph for suggesting this topic. I have 2 “rescued” siblings who are elderly and lately this has been heavily on my mind. They’ve given me unconditional love and I always want to return that love.

    3. @R. Lara-Moore I’m very sorry to hear that you and your little fur baby are going through this. This is the only downside I was getting a fur baby it’s a guaranteed heartbreak. But to answer your question, there are mobile vets that provide the service

    4. @R. Lara-Moore Yes, there are some angel-vets who make end-of-life house calls. It was worth it to me for a soulmate kitty who always got very anxious going to and being at the vet office. I found my vet on the internet. And just a tip — I handled the financial part with him before we took care of my kitty. That way he could let himself out and I could just be with my baby, undisturbed, for as long as I wanted. Thanks for your thoughts.

  4. My cat tries to gouge my eyes out the moment I as much as attempt to hold her against her will. Medicating her requires the tactics of Sun Tzu and the patience of a saint. My scars never heal. It’s a hell of a conversation starter, though.

    1. I’m not sure what the doctor would suggest but my sister has a difficult to handle cat like that. We wrapped him in a baby blanket for medication and nail trims. He yowls, and growls the whole time. A cat like that is really a 2 peron job.

    2. Sounds familiar. We endure asthma shots every 4 months at the vets, where mine is well known as Psycho Cat. Hard to describe the contortions a cat can achieve when he’s p.o. ed!!

  5. No background music. No nonsense sounds. Just plain simple speech with information and kitty. Perfect
    Please be like this. Simplicity is cool

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