Funny Cats

I love chocolate | I love Callebaut | I love Callets | I love … NEW

Ich liebe schokolade | Ich Liebe Callebaut | Ich liebe Callets | Ich liebe … NEU

J’aime le chocolat | J’aime Callebaut | J’aime les Callets | J’aime … Nouveau

Amo el chocolate | Me gusta Callebaut | Me encantan los Callets | Me gusta … nuevo

Amo il cioccolato | Mi piace Callebaut | Amo i Callets | Mi piace… Nuovo

I love , I liebe , J’aime , me gusta , amo CALLETS.EU


it's soo funny 😀

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May have content that is owned or licensed by Vin Di Bona Productions

Song 1: Gioachino Rossini – The Thieving Magpie 0:00 – 1:37
Song 2: The Presidents of the United States of America – Kitty 1:38 – 2:47
Song 3: The Nutcracker 2:48 – 3:51
Song 4: Smash Mouth – All Star 3:51 – 7:06
Song 5: The Wiseguys – Ooh La La 7:07 – 7:43

PS: I will ignore messages with the subject
"Business Proposal Regarding Your YouTube Videos"


    1. Reasons:
      Drama (2008) – Cats vs Dogs is the first drama
      Copyrights (2008) – Music copyrights
      VEVO (2009) – Most hated video company arrives December
      Overrated Games like Minecraft, GTA 5 and more (around 2013-present)
      Memes that Normies used (possibly 2012)

    1. And it changed when youtube enters 2008 phase. Cats vs Dogs, Man yelling at cats and many more dramas.
      Youtube Comment Fight was the best song for 2008 youtube.

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