Cat Care – Giving Liquid Medication

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To view the next video in this series click: In this video, Dr. Candy Olson demonstrates techniques for doing an at-home exam, giving oral medication, trimming toenails, applying eye and ear medications, grooming tips, and much more. A variety of tips are given for each sub topic; each section was filmed with one of her real patients!


  1. Great video. Thanks for the anatomical advice on where to aim (where the whiskers end). Other videos are vague (between the cheek and gums). This video helped me a lot.

  2. This is very pretty and all, but… I have a very misbehaved 5-months-old kitty. I have to give her 2 mL of a medicine that tastes so bad that even I don’t like it. And she doesn’t just move her head when I try to give it to her, she claws at me, struggles and tries to bite my hand off.
    Any good advice?

  3. I give oral medicine or supplements to my cats by cradling one cat in one arm and administering it with my other arm/hand. I have a video demonstrating it on my channel.

  4. I really like the video, but it’s be especially helpful to show one with a cat that’s decidedly less calm about it than the one shown! My cat is often OK with the first dose of whatever meds I have to give him. He learns very quickly what’s about to happen and chaos ensues!

  5. awesome… giving a .5 cc to a small calm kitten. now show giving 1.8 cc to a 10 lb cat that’s pised this has already been going on two weeks! (and 2x a day)

  6. My 4 months old kitten is a big struggle for me, especially when I am giving the medicine alone without my husband, he kicks and scratches me especially if he sees me carrying the oral syringe for his liquid antibiotic. how can I give him his medicine without struggling? How do you do that alone though? it seems so hard.

  7. I would also like to see a video that involves a cat that is having trouble taking the medicine, my cat teddy bear is very sick and ive even had to syringe feed him to get him to eat, he is doing much better but he refuses to eat or drink on his own and hes still a baby, but rather than risk losing organ function im making sure he eats. The food is enough of a fight on its own, the NASTY medication he is taking is a whole nother story. If anyone can direct me to a less helpful cat vid plz do

  8. Wording may have been off there, i meant a cat thats less helpful when taking the meds, not a less helpful vid! lol I just want to know how to handle a cat who is fighting back tooth and nail when you try to give them the meds. I know they taste awful, but i found when I mixed his meds with tuna juice more seems to seep out of his mouth instead of being swallowed, and i am sure to give it to him in the right spot and low amounts to prevent choking and encourage him to swallow but he is a fighter

  9. My kitten has a URI and I have to give her oral medication. She wouldn’t let me do it for the life of me. Watched this video once, applied the technique and it worked perfectly. Peace and Blessings to you Dr. Candy Olson!

  10. Great tips. They ought to show how to give it to a difficult cat, too. Mine would have been howling and flailing at the beginning of the first dose. And she’s not keen on being touched so after about 3 strokes she woulda been all “let me outta here!”

  11. Excellent video! Much better than the rest with extra info explaining why my cat looks like he has rabies every time I give him prednisone! Lol thank you!!

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