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Ich liebe schokolade | Ich Liebe Callebaut | Ich liebe Callets | Ich liebe … NEU

J’aime le chocolat | J’aime Callebaut | J’aime les Callets | J’aime … Nouveau

Amo el chocolate | Me gusta Callebaut | Me encantan los Callets | Me gusta … nuevo

Amo il cioccolato | Mi piace Callebaut | Amo i Callets | Mi piace… Nuovo

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  1. I got a kitten 3 days ago 🐱😊 Its an American Shorthair and the colour is a silver tabby. His name is Reuben and his coat is beautiful. Your kitten is also very cute 😊

  2. Problems That I Point Out
    Hack 1: Plastic bowls or feeders are bad for dogs and cats and could be very bad for them.

    Hack 2: You can make your own! Get some fabric do a mouse shape, sew it add stuffings, and/or add catnip! And your done 🙂
    Hack 3: I know this one is seen a lot, but the shirt could be torn and/or bitten from the cat which could result in the cat touching dirty metal hang wires, yet better than plastic. (I know you can’t bend them.)
    Hack 4: Can easily get torn from the cat while the cat is playing with it, they could get some in their mouth, which is very hard experience.
    Hack 5: This game is pretty fun, but you could see the cat was easily confused on the waving mouse. The cat could get confused for a pretty long while and be very dizzy and not fun for the cat.
    Hack 6: On the first grooming’s, the cat seemed surprised and the head kept on going down. as if force were pressing it down. This could damage its head if done more often and harder. You could also see at the end of the clip where they were using a toothbrush, the cat was about to wave their paw, which means it is very uncomfortable for the kitten. The cat’s head was forced up also.
    Hack 7: Again, plastic is very bad for the cat’s food and the cat itself. Yet if the hot glue isn’t dry, the cat could get it’s paws stuck and burn itself. If this happened to use, we would move, but the cat’s paws are stuck there, so they would be burnt even harder.
    Again this is only my opinion. Please take my notes seriously and improve! Thank you! 🙂

  3. Ahh it hurts. Well at least it’s not a toothbrush

    Few seconds later…

    Holds toothbrush in front of the camera

    Kitten: ;-; I’m regret this moment.

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