5 Incredible Inventions For Your Cat #1 ✔

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5 Incredible Inventions For Your Cat #1 ✔
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Cat Inventions Playlist

1. Bistro – The World's Smartest Cat Feeder

2. RollyCat – Fitness Tracker and Smart Toy

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(Amazon International) –

3. Igloo – Cat Litter Box by Pidan
(USA Link) –
(Amazon International) –

4. Blocks – Build your Own Cat Playhouse by Poopy Cat

(Amazon International) –

5. NoBowl – Feeding System
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  1. the robot ball and the litter dome both are cool. the box thingy we have one little girl that would destroy it in a day. and no bowl my iggy would love that all the cat food would then be hers. ☺

  2. i think the Iglu is much to small for cats. Most cats like an big open toilet cats tend to bee pee everywere when they dont like their toilet so be aware about that 🐱🐱🐱

    1. Wow pee on the bed, dat’s one of the hazards of having cats. My cat peed on my indoor olive tree, and all the leaves are gone, m hoping it’s still alive. He’s stopped doing that now, I bought two new litter box Sometimes, my cats (1 domestic 1 Maine Coon), just after going to the loo, when their butts are still ‘wet’ 😬 from No1 or No2, they are rolling around on my very newly change duvet cover. How often Have I turn my face whilst sleeping and get a whiff of something or other.
      I put my litter under a computer table, with a light covering over the table. And soon someone is going to built a nice airy stand same size as the computer table, it’s time for them to each have a litter to themselves. Both are now very big cats.
      It is for me mostly the covering, but I make sure it’s airy, and I clean the litter every morning and night, and sometimes in between.

    2. Cats believe in the power of Friendship SOME cats don’t like them..mine likes hers just fine..flap door and all. Comes with carbon filter(for odor) and sifting tray..love that thing😍

    3. Yeah I just use a giant plastic tub with fresh step clay litter and mimi silica litter. They like that it’s big and I like the high sides due to partial spraying by one cat. Surprisingly the girl too.
      Also they’re cheap enough to toss after a couple years.
      And easy enough to drag to the nearby car wash for a cleaning.

  3. Very concerned about the first invention- are you worried about your cat when on vacation? Never leave your cat at home alone when you go on holiday!! Get a cat sitter, leave the cat in a cattery or with a friend but never leave them alone longer than a day. It’s cruel and what happens if he/she gets trapped somewhere and can’t get out?

    1. cidercik I KNOW… I thought the Exact Same Thing! Could you imagine Your Baby(ies) NOT Getting ANY Attention for More Than 1 Day?! I Trust that People Would NOT Ever Do That!

    2. People leave their cats alone for days even with a Cat sitter; if you vacation a lot a cat sitter will only come by maybe once every other day etc. I have two cats they entertain each other plenty and I have never had any issue with them. Got them as kittens and now they are 5 years old happy and healthy. We use our brains before we leave to ensure nothing dangerous they could get into while we are away and they always have plenty of food and drink. Maybe not all cats are this easy to care for but ours have never had an issue.

    3. Cats are independent creatures and will do fine on their own for a couple days as long as you leave plenty of food water and toys. Thats the best part about owning a cat. Unlike a dog where you either have to board them (SUPER stressful for both you and the dog) or have someone come by twice a day to take them out and feed them, or stay with them constantly if they are troublemakers. You people are paranoid. I leave for weekend trips every now and again and my 3 cats are perfectly happy and healthy. Besides, this first invention bombed and was never released and people are pissed they arent getting their money back

    4. cidercik …………then your cat is stupid if it gets itself trapped! Jk I understand where your getting at but cats are independent creatures. I understand that having a friend come in and look at them to make sure they are ok but not all the time. I have a spoiled little brat but she does fine when I leave for vacation in summer! I do have a friend check in every day but she doesn’t stay with her all the time…

    1. Janette Reeli Baumann Uh, no. That’s your thought process. When one of my boys does something evil, but funny, that’s what I call them. They have heard it so often, they will come to that name too now!

  4. I don’t agree with putting those feeding bowls throughout the house. That technique is hard with multi cat house And makes a mess one cat will eat more

    1. True and my cat eats out of the bowl and she isnt extreme in any of the problems mentioned. She does sleep alot some days but I guess thats just normal

    1. Spend some time? I can’t get away from them!!!!!
      Not even when I’m sick and don’t want them in my face. And God forbid I try to close the bathroom door. I’m not allowed to be unsupervised in there.

  5. Dear Bistro, I have 3 house panthers. They look like silhouettes with eyes. I challenge your kitty face recognition to tell them apart.

    Dear No Bowl, so I get tuna & gravy all over the floor ?

  6. I started researching, because some of these looked awesome. So, FYI, Bistro renamed itself Catfi and then never delivered product to any of its backers. RollyCat never got enough backers to complete the crowd funding. And Blocks appears to be perpetually sold out. So yeah, you can’t buy your cat something that doesn’t actually exist.

  7. When I watch these videos, I watch not thinking “would my cat’s have fun with this?” But ” how fast would my cat’s destroy this?” The cardboard box thing wouldn’t have a prayer.

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